Do you feel lost in life? You’re not alone.

What is it about life that leaves us lingering for more? More fun, more memories, more living, more happiness. We constantly are seeking the next emotional high in order to feel alive. Some sky dive, some drink, some bury themselves in work, some go to a soul cycle and sweat out their misery. The fact still lies in that it is misery we are running from. The primal truth of our humanity and the short span of our existence weighs heavily on our minds in many ways.

More and more people are becoming depressed in our current times despite the medical, technological, and scientific gains of modern society. What I think is that maybe they aren’t depressed, maybe they just have a better grasp on the bitterness of our lives. Maybe they see the war, famine, poverty, and tragedy of the present and it makes it difficult for them to live happily. What is happy living anyways? The happiest people I know are the most simple people I know, the least mind oriented of people. If it is happiness you seek, do not seek answers. Answers are often to harsh of environment for happiness to thrive in.

Any competent person I know will in some way face a life crisis. A crisis of identity and purpose. A struggle to see their place within the vast universe we live in. I feel it’s perfectly natural, only the lamest of minds would not question their own existence. With the birth of social media and corrupted politics, life can often seem messy. I personally believe that life wasn’t meant to be so complex and individualistic, if you don’t agree then please read ‘Tribe’ by Sebastian Junger to see what I mean. With the ever changing future we are losing something that is necessary to human nature.

So, where do we go from here? When life seems difficult and meaningless. I guess the answer lies with Pandora’s box, meaning that only hope is left. The only thing we can really have is hope. And to me that is not depressing but is instead, the most magical thing about our existence. What I am saying by all this is that life should not be taken too seriously or in vain. It’s our own responsibility to see the positives in life and take advantage of them.

So how do you do that? How do you take responsibility of your own life? Well, to start, don’t take things to seriously. Don’t fall into the trap of stereotypes, fitting in, and societal norms. Societal norms are just the current population’s ideas of how humans should live but they should not be taken as fact. Facts are something that can be proven and it seems very clear that the way we are living is not the best way. Find ways to laugh when things seem tragic. Find a way to smile when sadness is present. Be okay with coming across as strange in social situations. Human beings were never meant to fit in, that’s why we have risen above the rest of the animal kingdom.

It is my belief that the only way to find joy in life is to make it yourself. Find the things that can make you forget about life and cling to them like a newborn baby to its mother. When you are lost be honest with yourself and do the things that would make your life better. As long as those things won’t hurt other human beings because the lowliest thing you can do in life is bring someone else down. Your existence is not greater than anyone else’s, so to damage their lives would only damage yours. The responsibility lies on ourselves to make our lives and the lives around us better. And in that responsibility lies happiness and peace. You can try to find peace and happiness any other way but I can guarantee you won’t find what you’re looking for.

Life is mysterious and it is often sad but it is balanced out with just as much good. Find that good and hold onto it for as long as you can. Make a fool of yourself and live freely. Life is too short for anything but. If you are lost, make your own path so that others like you may follow in it.

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