We are headed straight towards a colossal collapse.

Before I start this rant/blog, let me state that I am not an economist nor an expert in any field relative to the American economy. What I am, however, is an American with eyes that can see the obvious flaws in our country today. Consider me an observant citizen reporting on my predictions of this country’s future. Though, I might dare to say that a nobody, middle-class, average joe like me, may have a more accurate view of the real America as opposed to the snobby elites who only see the real America from the window of a private jet.

I think we all are quite aware that our country is in a state of chaos. Race wars, gender wars, political polarization, and not to mention the global endemic that won’t seem to go away. Our presidential elections have turned into roast battles between the Republicans and Democrats. If you voted for Biden, you are labeled a “libtard” and if you voted for Trump you’re a “racist homophobic bigot”. We have no sense of community or unity. We talk more to strangers on the internet than we do our neighbors. There is a worker shortage despite places like Taco Bell offering $18/hour to high school students. Starter homes now cost between a quarter and half a million dollars on average. The average rent is considered unaffordable in every county in all 50 states for someone making minimum wage. The oceans are dying, the ozone is dilating, the air is toxic, and there is plastic and Teflon in our bloodstreams. The Mayans predicted the world would end in 2012, though we didn’t get hit by a huge meteor and all vanish into nothing, I am starting to think the Mayans were right.

I know that most of you readers don’t want to read all this negative, pessimistic pseudo-journalism. We see enough of that on Facebook and in the news. I am not saying we are irreversibly fucked (excuse my language). I am just saying that, in my opinion, an economic collapse is destined for our near future. All the financial indicators that existed right before the first great depression are again prevalent today. When young adults can’t afford new homes, and every industry is lacking workers, there is really only one way it can all end. All we can pray for at this point is the federal legalization of marijuana so we can all light it up and wait out this imminent crisis. We will go from too many jobs and not enough workers to the exact opposite problem in record time. Anyone who purchased a house for these outrageous prices will be faced with the horrid realization that they will most likely never turn a profit on their investment as real estate prices plunge as they did in ’08.

Call me crazy, call it nonsense, dismiss my opinions as much as you would like. I am just calling it as I see it and many people share my opinion. Do not fret though, these economic lows are essential for rebalancing our economy. Prices can not forever rise. For every peak, there is a valley, and the bigger the peak, the bigger the valley that follows. And we are atop a pretty large peak at the moment.

So what do we do? How can we prepare for this economic crash? Well, save your money I guess. Stock up on household essentials and non-perishable foods. You don’t need to build a doomsday bunker in your basement but just set yourself up for success in case your local supermarkets run out of the things you need. We saw this happen once recently when Covid-19 started and toilet paper and hand sanitizer, amongst other items, became scarce commodities.

Despite my predictions of economical collapse, I do believe we will pull through this crisis in a truly American fashion. I choose to see light at the end of this tunnel. I hope that in the upcoming hardships we can all learn to be better people again. Maybe we can all be a little less judgmental and a little more forgiving. Despite what social media and the news says, I believe the large majority of us Americans are good honest people. I believe you, the reader, are a good person, as am I, and we probably want many of the same things. Safety, security, and a sense of connection to those around us. This is why I write blogs like this. I am not trying to go viral or gain millions of followers. I am just trying to be a voice for all of us working-class Americans who, at the end of a long day, just want to return to a decent home and put our feet up. I am with you all. One thing unites us all and it’s not the color of our skin, our preferred pronouns, or our political party. It’s our flag and our country. We are the UNITED States of America. We are Americans. We are a team, we are a country, and we are a nation. Let us not forget that fact. So, tomorrow as we get ready to go out and face the day and our individual struggles. Let us wave to our neighbors and greet strangers with a smile. Let us accept those with opposing views and understand that life is full of nuances and dichotomies.

We have all seen the news, we have all read through Facebook and seen the chaos. Politicians manipulate us like roosters in a cock fight. They put us all in a ring together and make us fight. They split us up so we all ignore the fact that our opponent is the one standing outside the ring. I am no anarchist but I am tired of being lied to. Whether you are scared, tired, angry, or just checked out from all things political, I get it. I think we all get it. We turn on the news and it’s just more tragedy and injustice. Yet, if we walk outside, the sun still shines and everyone seems to be getting along pretty well. Let us not turn our backs on each other when we need each other the most.

I know this whole blog post seems hectic and unorganized. There is no main point or flow of dialogue. In all honesty, I don’t know how to clearly express what I am trying to say. Though, I somehow get the feeling that people will relate to my words. How can anyone accurately write about all that is going on in our country right now? The quarantine brought with it many issues. Mental health is a serious issue. I have struggled personally with mental health issues and I don’t even consider myself to be depressed or anxious. I can only imagine how hard these past few years have been on so many Americans. I have lost track of how many friends have reached out due to depression. I can’t even imagine how many people in this country are just hanging on by a thread. Especially now, during the Holidays, which I know firsthand can be very hard on struggling families. My heart goes out to all of you who are struggling. I know that the weight on your shoulders may sometimes seem unbearable but please stay strong. All my information is on my website and if you have no one else to talk to then I can lend an ear and try my best to help. Like I said before, I am just a nobody, middle-class, average joe. I don’t possess the power nor the money to be immune from our nation’s struggles. I don’t get paid a dime to write these blogs, I just do it for my own mental health and in hopes that it will help some of you readers.

I think that I have said just about all that I have to say… for now. If you guys like this kind of content then please let me know. As a young adult trying to find my voice in this world, any feedback is very helpful. May you all be blessed today and in the days to come. You are not alone, we are not alone. It is no coincidence that the constitution starts with “We The People”.

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