The Next Great Depression

We are headed straight towards a colossal collapse.

Before I start this rant/blog, let me state that I am not an economist nor an expert in any field relative to the American economy. What I am, however, is an American with eyes that can see the obvious flaws in our country today. Consider me an observant citizen reporting on my predictions of this country’s future. Though, I might dare to say that a nobody, middle-class, average joe like me, may have a more accurate view of the real America as opposed to the snobby elites who only see the real America from the window of a private jet.

I think we all are quite aware that our country is in a state of chaos. Race wars, gender wars, political polarization, and not to mention the global endemic that won’t seem to go away. Our presidential elections have turned into roast battles between the Republicans and Democrats. If you voted for Biden, you are labeled a “libtard” and if you voted for Trump you’re a “racist homophobic bigot”. We have no sense of community or unity. We talk more to strangers on the internet than we do our neighbors. There is a worker shortage despite places like Taco Bell offering $18/hour to high school students. Starter homes now cost between a quarter and half a million dollars on average. The average rent is considered unaffordable in every county in all 50 states for someone making minimum wage. The oceans are dying, the ozone is dilating, the air is toxic, and there is plastic and Teflon in our bloodstreams. The Mayans predicted the world would end in 2012, though we didn’t get hit by a huge meteor and all vanish into nothing, I am starting to think the Mayans were right.

I know that most of you readers don’t want to read all this negative, pessimistic pseudo-journalism. We see enough of that on Facebook and in the news. I am not saying we are irreversibly fucked (excuse my language). I am just saying that, in my opinion, an economic collapse is destined for our near future. All the financial indicators that existed right before the first great depression are again prevalent today. When young adults can’t afford new homes, and every industry is lacking workers, there is really only one way it can all end. All we can pray for at this point is the federal legalization of marijuana so we can all light it up and wait out this imminent crisis. We will go from too many jobs and not enough workers to the exact opposite problem in record time. Anyone who purchased a house for these outrageous prices will be faced with the horrid realization that they will most likely never turn a profit on their investment as real estate prices plunge as they did in ’08.

Call me crazy, call it nonsense, dismiss my opinions as much as you would like. I am just calling it as I see it and many people share my opinion. Do not fret though, these economic lows are essential for rebalancing our economy. Prices can not forever rise. For every peak, there is a valley, and the bigger the peak, the bigger the valley that follows. And we are atop a pretty large peak at the moment.

So what do we do? How can we prepare for this economic crash? Well, save your money I guess. Stock up on household essentials and non-perishable foods. You don’t need to build a doomsday bunker in your basement but just set yourself up for success in case your local supermarkets run out of the things you need. We saw this happen once recently when Covid-19 started and toilet paper and hand sanitizer, amongst other items, became scarce commodities.

Despite my predictions of economical collapse, I do believe we will pull through this crisis in a truly American fashion. I choose to see light at the end of this tunnel. I hope that in the upcoming hardships we can all learn to be better people again. Maybe we can all be a little less judgmental and a little more forgiving. Despite what social media and the news says, I believe the large majority of us Americans are good honest people. I believe you, the reader, are a good person, as am I, and we probably want many of the same things. Safety, security, and a sense of connection to those around us. This is why I write blogs like this. I am not trying to go viral or gain millions of followers. I am just trying to be a voice for all of us working-class Americans who, at the end of a long day, just want to return to a decent home and put our feet up. I am with you all. One thing unites us all and it’s not the color of our skin, our preferred pronouns, or our political party. It’s our flag and our country. We are the UNITED States of America. We are Americans. We are a team, we are a country, and we are a nation. Let us not forget that fact. So, tomorrow as we get ready to go out and face the day and our individual struggles. Let us wave to our neighbors and greet strangers with a smile. Let us accept those with opposing views and understand that life is full of nuances and dichotomies.

We have all seen the news, we have all read through Facebook and seen the chaos. Politicians manipulate us like roosters in a cock fight. They put us all in a ring together and make us fight. They split us up so we all ignore the fact that our opponent is the one standing outside the ring. I am no anarchist but I am tired of being lied to. Whether you are scared, tired, angry, or just checked out from all things political, I get it. I think we all get it. We turn on the news and it’s just more tragedy and injustice. Yet, if we walk outside, the sun still shines and everyone seems to be getting along pretty well. Let us not turn our backs on each other when we need each other the most.

I know this whole blog post seems hectic and unorganized. There is no main point or flow of dialogue. In all honesty, I don’t know how to clearly express what I am trying to say. Though, I somehow get the feeling that people will relate to my words. How can anyone accurately write about all that is going on in our country right now? The quarantine brought with it many issues. Mental health is a serious issue. I have struggled personally with mental health issues and I don’t even consider myself to be depressed or anxious. I can only imagine how hard these past few years have been on so many Americans. I have lost track of how many friends have reached out due to depression. I can’t even imagine how many people in this country are just hanging on by a thread. Especially now, during the Holidays, which I know firsthand can be very hard on struggling families. My heart goes out to all of you who are struggling. I know that the weight on your shoulders may sometimes seem unbearable but please stay strong. All my information is on my website and if you have no one else to talk to then I can lend an ear and try my best to help. Like I said before, I am just a nobody, middle-class, average joe. I don’t possess the power nor the money to be immune from our nation’s struggles. I don’t get paid a dime to write these blogs, I just do it for my own mental health and in hopes that it will help some of you readers.

I think that I have said just about all that I have to say… for now. If you guys like this kind of content then please let me know. As a young adult trying to find my voice in this world, any feedback is very helpful. May you all be blessed today and in the days to come. You are not alone, we are not alone. It is no coincidence that the constitution starts with “We The People”.

The Key To Happiness

How to be happy in any situation…

Many philosophers, scientists, and even celebrities have spoke about happiness and what they think will lead to the most happiness. Everyone has their own ideas and techniques when it comes to being happy. In the movie Pursuit of Happyness the main character Chris Gardner played by Will Smith says “maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it”. Another less known quote comes from Tim Minchin the actor, comedian, and musician who said “Happiness is like an orgasm; if you think about it too much, it goes away”.

No matter what quotes or ideas that you feel best define happiness, it’s clear that happiness is not easily defined and even more difficult to find. W

Are You Lost Too?

Do you feel lost in life? You’re not alone.

What is it about life that leaves us lingering for more? More fun, more memories, more living, more happiness. We constantly are seeking the next emotional high in order to feel alive. Some sky dive, some drink, some bury themselves in work, some go to a soul cycle and sweat out their misery. The fact still lies in that it is misery we are running from. The primal truth of our humanity and the short span of our existence weighs heavily on our minds in many ways.

More and more people are becoming depressed in our current times despite the medical, technological, and scientific gains of modern society. What I think is that maybe they aren’t depressed, maybe they just have a better grasp on the bitterness of our lives. Maybe they see the war, famine, poverty, and tragedy of the present and it makes it difficult for them to live happily. What is happy living anyways? The happiest people I know are the most simple people I know, the least mind oriented of people. If it is happiness you seek, do not seek answers. Answers are often to harsh of environment for happiness to thrive in.

Any competent person I know will in some way face a life crisis. A crisis of identity and purpose. A struggle to see their place within the vast universe we live in. I feel it’s perfectly natural, only the lamest of minds would not question their own existence. With the birth of social media and corrupted politics, life can often seem messy. I personally believe that life wasn’t meant to be so complex and individualistic, if you don’t agree then please read ‘Tribe’ by Sebastian Junger to see what I mean. With the ever changing future we are losing something that is necessary to human nature.

So, where do we go from here? When life seems difficult and meaningless. I guess the answer lies with Pandora’s box, meaning that only hope is left. The only thing we can really have is hope. And to me that is not depressing but is instead, the most magical thing about our existence. What I am saying by all this is that life should not be taken too seriously or in vain. It’s our own responsibility to see the positives in life and take advantage of them.

So how do you do that? How do you take responsibility of your own life? Well, to start, don’t take things to seriously. Don’t fall into the trap of stereotypes, fitting in, and societal norms. Societal norms are just the current population’s ideas of how humans should live but they should not be taken as fact. Facts are something that can be proven and it seems very clear that the way we are living is not the best way. Find ways to laugh when things seem tragic. Find a way to smile when sadness is present. Be okay with coming across as strange in social situations. Human beings were never meant to fit in, that’s why we have risen above the rest of the animal kingdom.

It is my belief that the only way to find joy in life is to make it yourself. Find the things that can make you forget about life and cling to them like a newborn baby to its mother. When you are lost be honest with yourself and do the things that would make your life better. As long as those things won’t hurt other human beings because the lowliest thing you can do in life is bring someone else down. Your existence is not greater than anyone else’s, so to damage their lives would only damage yours. The responsibility lies on ourselves to make our lives and the lives around us better. And in that responsibility lies happiness and peace. You can try to find peace and happiness any other way but I can guarantee you won’t find what you’re looking for.

Life is mysterious and it is often sad but it is balanced out with just as much good. Find that good and hold onto it for as long as you can. Make a fool of yourself and live freely. Life is too short for anything but. If you are lost, make your own path so that others like you may follow in it.

Is America Doomed?

Are we headed towards our downfall as a nation?

Turn on the news, scroll through Facebook, browse retweets, find any platform where large quantities of people are absorbing and distributing information. What do you see? Another active shooter? Another black kid shot by a white cop? Another celebrity scandal? UFO’s? Flat Earth? More polar ice caps melting? Another devastating forest fire? Someone being shamed for being fat, gay, trans, or non-binary? A new strand of Covid-19? Jeffery Epstein still didn’t kill himself?

There is a lot going on in this country of ours and I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s getting hard to find the positives. Not that any country is really doing much better than us but I don’t know enough to speak on their behalves, so I will stick with reporting on the land of star spangled freedom, super sized Big Mac’s, and a 700 billion dollar defense budget (that’s billion with a “b”).

I’ve only been on this planet for 24 years and have only paid attention to the national climate for the past six or seven years so I do have one question for more seasoned Americans: Has it always been this crazy? I know the foundational years of our country were quite violent, even borderline genocidal. I can’t defend the history of the United States. I guess a better question would be: How are things so crazy now?

It’s 2021, last I checked slavery was abolished in 1865. Since 1970, everyone can vote fairly. Same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states as of 2015. I underdstand there is still systemic racism and discrimination that allows for the wealthy white upper class of America to remain on top. I am not naive to the corruption that still exists within our borders. All I am asking is, how are things not a little better?

We are supposed to be getting better as a nation right? We are calling out bigotry and racism and, as a whole, we no longer support those behaviors. Derek Chauvin is in jail for the next 22.5 years. We are slowly making America a better place for all. So why are the depression and suicide rates rising? Why is the income gap still increasing? Why are we in an affordable housing crisis? Why does the media frame our elections as a war between Democrats and Republicans instead of one nation trying to decide who is best suited to lead us for the next four to eight years?

The problem is you. You are the reason things aren’t getting better. No, this isn’t a metaphor or a hyperbole. You, the person reading this article right now on your phone or computer, you are the problem. Don’t worry though, I am also the problem. So is your neighbor, so is my neighbor. We the People of the Unites States. The problem has been in front of us all this time in the first seven words of our constitution. We the People of the United States, are the problem.

Why do you think mainstream media is flooding us with tragic headlines and stories? It’s becuase We the People are viewing those headlines the most. Why is college tuition so high? Because We the People are still taking out huge loans and forking out cash to these insitutions. Gas prices, interest rates, rent increases, our entire economy is 100% influenced by We the People and it’s time we realize our power as individuals. We are the problem but we are also the only solution.

Take a look at what happened with Gamestop shares this year. A bunch of everyday people like you and I, joined together on a reddit page and decided to short squeeze all the Wall Street investors that were betting on Gamestop shares falling. These modern day internet crusaders cost wall street investors a whopping 20 billion dollar loss (estimated). In one day, they caused so much turmoil that investment platforms were halting the buying and selling of stocks.

These people weren’t financial experts or succesfull day traders. They were regular people sitting on their couches at home with some spare cash to invest in a dying video game retailer just becuase they wanted to see if they could mess with the big dogs on top. The results were far greater than anyone had anticipated. I think we need to look at that event as a shining example of how much power we really have.

So what do we do with this information? How do we team up and use our collective powers to fix the problems we are having as a nation? Well, I think we have to be concious of what we do and support. If you don’t like those articles or posts that are biased towards one political party, don’t click on them. If you don’t like how depressing the news channels are getting, change the channel. Our everyday actions, as a whole, determine what happens in our country.

Let’s apply this theory to the high cost of college tuition in our country. How could you and I make them lower and make college affordable for more people? It’s simple, we just don’t go. Tell your friends and kids not to go. Even if your dream job requires a college degree, don’t go. Tell everyone exactly why you won’t go. Say you will not support current tuition rates and tell everyone. Tweet about it with a hashtag like #lowertuition or #college4all. I gaurantee there are millions of people who would love to see tuition rates fall as well.

I know why this theory might seem scary because you might think: “Well, if I don’t go to college then I am not going to be able to get that dream job I want and all the people who are still attending college and paying tuition are going to do better than me”. Don’t think that, that’s what all these universities want you to think. The second you say screw it and pay the crazy tuituion rates, you are only assuring the tuition rates won’t decrease.

This is why I say We the People are the problem. We can’t think that we as individuals don’t hold power. If you and I don’t attend college and tell all our friends not too attend as well, just for the next couple of years, and we get enough people to not attend college as well, universities will be forced to lower tuition or close their doors for good. They need us way more than we need them. Then, in a matter of a couple years we could all attend college at a much lower rate.

Now look at all this on a larger scale, if all of us start withdrawing from things we don’t support, everything will have to change with us or face total collapse. We’ve already seen our powers used to get justice. A few bystanders recorded Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd and shared the video to social media. Then from there, we the people spread that story until every person in this country had heard about the cop that abused his powers and took a man’s life. Do you think a police officer would have been sentenced to 22.5 years in prison if we didn’t shine a light on the injustice? We demanded that police be held to the same level of the law as us and we got it.

So is America doomed? Are we headed towards collapse just like the once unstoppable Roman Empire? Yes, it is totally possible that We the People of the United States allow for our worst qualities to rise to the top until we defeat ourselves or are defeated by someone else. On the other hand, We the People can realize the power we have and begin to use them to further better this country of ours and inspire progress.

Let’s not hate each other for differing political views, religions, or ideals. If you won’t respect the opinions of others than how can you expect them to respect yours? I have been all over the United States and I have met people from all walks of life. I can assure you that our commonalities are much greater than our differences. I truly believe that 99% of Americans are good people and that our indifferences aren’t the problem, arrogance is. We need to live up to our name and be United, we need to help each other identify our biases and not chastise those who disagree with us.

Our nation, as strong as you may think it is, is vulnerable. We the People are the problem and we are the solution, remember that. Democracy is a great thing because it allows us all to have influence but that can also be the vary thing that makes it fail. I think all of us are getting a little fed up with the current social climate of our country and it’s time we take a step back and get our priorities straight.

“This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in” -Theodore Roosevelt

Finding Your Passion

How to discover the thing that you were meant to do…

If you google the definition of “Passion” you will get a few different answers. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines Passion as: “the suffering of Christ between the night of the Last Supper and his death.”, “intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction”, and “sexual desire”.

Christ suffering, strong emotions, sexual desires? That is quite the broad set of meanings for one word. Obviously those meanings are applied given the context we use passion in. If I said someone was a passionate lover, I doubt you would assume that their love reminds me of Jesus’s suffering.

Regardless of all that, it is clear that passion is a powerful word in any context. From the title of this blog I’m sure you all know that I am talking about passion as the job, career, activity, or hobbie that you were meant to do. Something your gifted at that doesn’t feel like work or a chore when you do it.

So how do you go about finding that so called passion of yours? Do you meditate for hours in order to get in touch with your truest self? Do you go from job fair to job fair trying to find something that instantly draws you in? Do you read multiple self-help books from people who have found their passion? Or do you go out into nature, take some shrooms, and then wait for an epiphany?

Honestly, I think all those are possibly right answers and also possibly wrong answers. I think you have to experiment and get creative when it comes to finding your passion. There is no step by step guide to your passion. You must follow your gut instincts and see where they take you.

That being said I do have some advice when it comes to following those instincts. If you are working or a college student, or a stay-at-home mom with a few kids; you probably are a bit busy for many passion finding activities. So I have a method that you can do from your own couch that might help you get closer to finding your passion.

What you need to do is find somewhere comfortable and distraction free where you can have five to ten minutes to yourself. You can be standing up, sitting, lying down, in the bathtub, whatever you like. Make sure your phone is turned off or in another room where you won’t hear it. Then I need you to imagine you are living by yourself on a huge luxurious property. The lawn is lush and green and there are beautiful flower gardens planted across the property. Everything you could ever want is on the property. An indoor pool with a waterslide, a movie theater, a racecar track in the backyard, whatever your heart desires is on the property.

But, there is a catch. The property is encased in a giant see-through dome like in the Simpson’s movie. You can not leave the dome and nobody can come in, you are completely alone. There isn’t even staff on the property like maids, and butlers. Nobody is in the dome with you. If you make a mess, it will magically be clean by morning. If you want pizza, one will appear in the oven, ready to eat. You can have whatever you desire except the company of others.

You can have your phone and any other electronics you would like. There is super fast Wi-Fi available everywhere on the property. You can surf the web, play video games, watch movies, etc. But you cannot contact anyone. Texting and calling are disabled, you can’t comment on anyone’s Facebook post, you can’t even send somebody an email. There is absolutely no way to interact with anyone outside of your dome. You are alone.

Now, imagine living in this dome. Imagine all the fun things you would do when you first got there. You can run all over the mansion and see all the rooms. You can jump on all the beds and ride a bike down the hallways. You have no rules, no responsibilities, no worries. You are on the ultimate vacation, just alone.

You keep this up for weeks, enjoying your little vacation in the dome. You have been drinking mimosas for breakfast, eating delicious food, taking delightful walks through the gardens. You have been absolutely loving your time in the dome. You imagine you could stay in that dome forever.

Let your imagination enjoy the vacation for as long as you would like. Allow yourself to feel like you are really there and are having the time of your life. When you think you’ve gotten into the right head space and can almost taste those mimosas, you can move on to the next step.

The next step might be a little harder and not so fun, but I want you to imagine that you have now been living in your dome for over a month. You have been living it up and have lost track of the days. You haven’t missed the outside world at all yet.

Though, as days progress you start to find less enjoyment in your vacation. You have explored every inch of the vast property and huge mansion. You have eaten every food you could possibly desire, you have watched countless movies, you have laid by the pool for so long that your skin is now noticeably darker. But even in such a beautiful place with everything at your fingertips, you start to feel bored.

As days keep progressing you start to miss your friends and family. Every day becomes longer and duller. You spend more time lying in bed and moping around. You start to miss regular life, even work or school. At least with work or school you felt purposeful and productive. But in the dome you don’t have a purpose, you are simply just living.

Soon you start to dread being in the dome. You start to feel depressed and so alone. You start talking to yourself because you miss having conversations. You don’t find enjoyment in any of the nice things around the property anymore. Your vacation now feels like prison. You feel trapped and alone.

Eventually you start to go mad. You can’t be alone any longer and without purpose. You pace up and down the halls of the mansion that once felt enormous but now seemed to be shrinking in around you. No activity can put your mind at ease anymore. You are restless and desperate to go back to your real life. You spend most your time just staring off at nothing.

I did warn that this step wouldn’t be as fun. I normally would never advise someone to think negative thoughts but it is necessary for this method. You have to really dig deep into your imagination and put yourself into that situation and feel those negative emotions. It’s not nice to imagine, but trust the process.

The next step is to imagine you have hit an emotional rock bottom. You don’t want to go on another day living in that dome. You are the most depressed you have ever been and you want out. You stand at the edge of the glass dome peering out into the world that you long to be apart of again. You beat your fists against the walls of the dome and cry out to the sky “let me out” but nothing happens. You break down and fall to your knees in tears. You have hit the point of all hope lost. You can’t imagine going on one more day like this.

You cry until you run out of tears as you are still on your knees next to the dome walls. You have no energy or motivation to do anything. You topple over and hurdle up in a ball on the grass. You remain there for hours until the sun begins to set and then you fall asleep right there in the lawn. You are empty inside.

You wake up the next morning as sun gleams through the dome walls and shines in your eyes. The rays of sun hit your cold face and you feel your cheeks getting warmer. You have no other feelings besides the warmth on your face. In that moment you know that you must do something or the loneliness and depression will kill you.

This is the moment that you need to look inside yourself and find what would save you from the depression. I can’t lead your imagination past this point, it’s up to you. Imagine yourself getting up off that grass and forcing yourself to do something that could take your mind off of your depression and loneliness. Maybe you get some fabric and start sewing it into a shirt, or make something out of wood, or take care of a baby bird that fell from it’s nest. Maybe you get out a canvas and paint brushes and sit in the garden painting a butterfly perched on a colorful flower. You become so focused on the fine details of the butterflies wings that you forget your alone in a dome. That’s what you need to imagine, whatever it is that will make you forget you are alone, depressed, and trapped in a dome. Don’t think too hard about it, listen to your heart and your gut instincts. Let the answer naturally flow into your mind.

Whatever comes to mind in that moment is most likely your passion. Now this method might not be the best if your passion involves people. As in a psychiatrist, or a doctor. If this is the case you will have to imagine that you can see patients but only so that you can help them. You need to maintain that mindset of being so depressed and alone. I know that requires a little more imagination but you’ll have to work with me a little, I said food could magically appear in your oven too so nothing should seem unrealistic at this point.

It may take you a couple tries to really imagine yourself in that situation and get into the right headspace to decide what you would do. Don’t force yourself to come up with an answer right away. You can stop and try again on another day if you are having troubles.

To help you get an idea of what might come to mind I will tell you what I picture myself doing in this situation. I picture myself in a room with a large window and a wooden desk pushed up against the wall beneath it. On the desk is an old typewriter with a blank sheet of paper already loaded into it. In the corner of the room is a vintage record player softly playing a Bob Dylan record. On the opposite side of the room is a large bookcase filled with classic literature. Ernest Hemingway, Emily Dickinson, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Maya Angelou, and many more famous writers’ names fill the entire book case with the exception of one shelf. One shelf is empty. That shelf is reserved for myself and the books I hope to write.

I sit down at the desk with a cup of coffee and start working on a story that I hope to put on that shelf one day. I soon get lost in the pleasant clicks of the typewriter. I forget I am in a dome and soon feel the loneliness and depression drift away as I have found a purpose.

Hopefully that will help you understand what I am trying to get at with this method. What will bring you purpose in a place where you don’t have one? That’s the point. I think it’s hard to find that answer in our everyday lives because we have responsibilities, friends, and family, and many other things to occupy our time and give us a sense of purpose. We can get by just fine without pursuing our passions. My method just tries to remove all the distractions that keep you from your passion.

I know my method gets a little dark for a moment and seems a little crazy. It may not work for you and that’s fine. We are all different and certain things work for certain people, and certain things don’t. Hopefully my method at least got you one step closer to the answer you are looking for.

The last thing I want to say is that “passion” doesn’t mean something that will be easy and not require hard work. You should not be looking for something that doesn’t require hard work, rather you should be looking for something you want to work hard at. You will still have bad days and still get frustrated even when doing something you’re passionate about. A quote I will never forget comes from the show Californication, the quote is said by the character Rick Rath in the final season. Rick says: “The second you try to get serious about something, it loses all its magic”.

I don’t include that quote to depress you, I include it to help you manage your expectations. Just because something loses it’s magic, doesn’t mean its not a good thing. If that were true then every relationship would end after the honeymoon phase, but they don’t.

“Man grows used to everything, the scoundrel!” -Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment

Dostoevsky’s words are beyond wise and are unfortunately correct. We as humans do grow accustomed to anything, good or bad, after a short while. This is the basis behind sayings like the grass is always greener and you don’t know what you got till its gone. Unfortunately we can grow accustomed to our passions too.

Again, don’t let all that depress you. Just keep some of those things in mind when pursuing your passion. Maybe you’ve been doing what you love all along and just grew use to it. Maybe the key to passion, among other things, is just a little gratitude and appreciation.

But who am I to tell you what passion is or how to find it? No one can know how your mind works or tell you what you were meant to be doing. So go and try new things, make your own method to find passion. At the very least if you try something and hate it, you can cross it off your list and you’ll be one step closer to your passion. I think the greatest joys in life come from trying to find answers and not from the answers themselves. You can chase rainbows looking for pots of gold, or you can just enjoy the rainbows.

Writing your first novel

What my experience has been so far while writing my first book…

I think it goes with out saying, that writing a book isn’t easy. With more and more binge-worthy Netflix originals being released and TikTok supplying us endless hours of short videos, there are countless distractions to consume our creativity and keep us away from the blank page.

Now, if you can turn your phone off and focus on writing then you come to the next challenge. Getting a good idea. If you are going to write a novel the you will need a story that can hold strong, even when you’re 50,000 words into it. I probably have six attempted novels saved right now that all ended between the 12,000 and 30,000 words. I get to a point and then realize that my idea didn’t have strong enough legs to stand on its own.

So how do you know if an idea can go the distance and provide you a full novel? I think an idea has to come to you that is so good that you can’t not write the thing. I don’t think you can force a great story idea. I think it has to come naturally. The book I am working on now was the first story that kind of just came to me. It all started with an idea of a character that would be fun to write. Then a few days later some of the story came to me. I didn’t write anything down at that point but the idea stuck around in the back of my mind. Little by little, and day by day the story pieced itself together in my mind until I couldn’t contain it anymore and finally started writing it. It was over a month between the initial idea and when I finally put fingers to keyboard.

Now lets say a story came to you and you have let it marinade in your mind a bit, and you know it’s good, so you decide to sit down and start writing it. This is when the fun really starts. If this is your first novel then it’s going to be your baby and like new mothers, you are going to want your baby to be perfect. starting with the hook, the opener, the intro. The first words you put down will probably take you the longest. They did for me. I was so focused on creating that perfect first line. I probably spent two hours on the first paragraph.

Listen to me! Don’t spend two hours on your opening sentences. I guarantee you will rewrite them anyways during editing. So turn off the perfectionist in you and just start typing words. Force your fingers to move ahead past that beginning and start laying that foundation of your storyline. Don’t be like me, one year into my book and I had less than 25,000 words. Granted, I often stopped writing for weeks at a time and was very new to writing at that time.

Once you get started on your book, the only think you have to do is write. Many authors and writers will tell you that you have to create and outline first, define your characters and their arcs, structure your story, etc. If you want to do any or all of those then great, if not also great. The best part about writing a book is that no one can tell you what to do. Yes, the three act structure has proven to be pretty effective but don’t focus on following it so tightly that your story loses it’s unique qualities. As a writer, your style and process will come to you and you will get better. I clouded my head with so many things when I started my novel that I started to lose track of what was important, the story! So just keep writing and worry about completing the first draft.

That’s where I am at now, trying to complete my first draft. I started working on this specific novel back in late 2018 and at the time of writing this I have 57,000 words and I plan on getting to 90,000 within the next three months.

I know what you’re probably thinking. From late 2018 to March 2021, I have only written 57,000 words. Yes, that is an incredibly slow rate of writing, I know that. The reason it has taken me so long is for a multitude of reasons. Mainly life just getting in the way. I was in the Air Force when I started writing my book so I only wrote for a few hours each week. Then in late 2019, I separated from the Air Force and moved back to Minnesota to go to college. During that whole time I didn’t focus much on my book, I still didn’t even think of myself as a writer back then. I honesty just thought that I would slowly work on this current novel for years and eventually self-publish it, and that would be the only book I ever wrote.

It wasn’t until recently that I accepted that I am a writer and that it’s something that I will do forever. So now, I have been writing a faster rate and actually have plans to finish my book soon. I can see the finish line now and have a clear idea of the ending. All that is left is to write what’s in my mind.

I don’t feel like a bad writer or a slow writer for the amount I have written though. I feel like a learning writer. I can actually see my writing getting better as I look back at those first couple chapters I wrote. So I have just been allowing myself to enjoy the writing process and not overworking myself. I am a full time student right now too so it’s quite east to get burnt out while sitting at my computer.

Just the other week I wrote a 5 page paper for a film studies class I am taking so I didn’t write much towards my novel because I was already writing quite a bit.

I’m starting to linger off here. I’m sure no one cares about my film studies paper. Let me just wrap this post up with a closing statement.

Writing is an artform and everyone has their own styles and pace. When it comes to your first book, don’t let the troubles make you dislike writing. Keep working on your craft and write whatever you like at whatever pace you like. Deadlines and daily word counts can wait until you are an established author. Also, It’s okay to walk away from your book for a bit. Some of my favorite parts of my book so far came after a long break from my writing. Don’t make your book feel like homework or else you will avoid it like the plague.

Why a blog?

Why I decided to start a blog…

I never thought that I would be blogging. The very sound of it is comical to me. Who would want to hear what I have to say? Who wants to read through my thoughts and opinions? I am not special. So why does this blog exist?

Well, I am a young writer and I want to have a place where I can write often and freely to strengthen my writing skills. At the same time I am also building a portfolio of my work so that I could possibly make money from writing one day. As it turns out, you can’t just say your a writer and then start getting paid immediately for your work. While I would much rather just focus on writing novels, today’s writers need to build an online presence in order to succeed. So here I am, blogging (insert gag face).

Now, I will say that I have never been a fan of blogs. To me they tend to lack real substance and style. Most blogs seem like clickbait to me, people trying to reel you in off stupid titles. If I have to blog, then I want my blog to be authentic. I am not going to post blogs because I think they will get views or clicks or whatever bloggers aim to achieve from their silly top ten lists. Like I said, I am mainly blogging to strengthen my own writing ability. I don’t plan to earn money from blogging and I surely don’t plan on being the next big blogger. I’m am blogging for me and I will keep doing it even if nobody reads a single post.

But in the sheer luck that somebody actually reads this post, subscribe if you like. I won’t spam you with email notifications but I will try to post a blog once a week. What will I blog about you ask? I will blog about life. The struggles, the joys, up’s, and the down’s. I won’t be cynical but I won’t sugar coat anything either. So here is to my first blog and hopefully a long career in writing!